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Help & Info about GS Auto Clicker for windows

  • Is GS Auto Clicker safe?

    Yes. Some versions of the program will request access to your computer. On Windows for example, you will receive a dialogue before launching the program. To automatically click, GS Auto Clicker needs control of your mouse. It is not a harmful or malicious program.
  • Is GS Auto Clicker free?

    Yes. Compared to other similar programs, this clicker is free, and can be tried without a licence key, a limited time period, or other impediments. All of its features are available upon download.
  • How do I record multiple clicks?

    Before starting the sequence, you must click the large "Click point" button on the main GS Auto Clicker window, and then select the point where you want to click. This is done so that you can select multiple points on screen to click during the sequence if necessary.
  • What is a sequence?

    A sequence represents the set of recorded clicks that your auto clicker will perform. Among other purposes, Under Other, you can set an action (none by default) to perform after the sequence ends, which can be useful in some cases.
  • Can I set a maximum number of clicks?

    Yes. Under Options, you can set the clicker to terminate after a certain number of clicks automatically, making it more useful for applications which do not demand indefinite clicking. This is not the default, however, and thus will not apply when you first make a sequence.
  • What is "CPM"?

    "CPM" stands for clicks per minute, or the number of clicks per 60 second period that the program performs. It can be difficult to configure GS Auto Clicker without knowledge of these uncommon computing acronyms, though there is a limited amount of help included in the program.
  • Can I increase my CPM?

    Yes. By default, GS Auto Clicker will match the pace of an average user clicking on their own. Under Options, you can cofigure the speed at which the clicker will operate in number of clicks per minute.
  • How often is GS Auto Clicker updated?

    Although Goldensoft maintains their GS Auto Clicker website and the copyright visible there, the actual program is updated only sporadically. As of late 2017, the most recent update to the program on the official mirror had occurred on May 22, 2013. The program is feature-complete and has few features that could pose a security risk, so this makes some sense.
  • What is the most recent version of GS Auto Clicker?

    The most recent version of GS Auto Clicker is 3.1.2. Certain websites advertise a more recent version at 3.1.4, but this version of the program is neither official nor supported and may be malware.
  • What platforms is GS Auto Clicker available on?

    Goldensoft's Auto Clicker is only available on Microsoft Windows. Officially it is compatible with Windows Vista and 7, but in our testing it also runs on Windows 8 and 10. Mac users and those on mobile platforms will need to find an alternative, such as Murgaa's Auto Clicker for Mac.


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