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How to Uninstall GS Auto Clicker in 2 Easy Ways

Shaun M Jooste


There’s no telling how helpful GS Auto Clicker can be for specific jobs and actions. Still, using it might cause strange errors, especially if you’ve tested its limits or put weird multi-step clicking combinations.

In this case, the only thing you can do to fix the glitches is to uninstall the application. This article focuses on two methods that will help you to get rid of all the residue files of the program.

  1. Use the Windows Add/Remove functionality

    How to uninstall GS Auto Clicker

    All operating systems, including Windows, have an install/uninstall option built-in. You can accomplish deleting the auto clicker by accessing the Control Panel. Follow these instructions for success:

    – Click “Start”

    – Navigate and click “Control Panel”

    – Find the application

    – Click Change/Remove

    • Go through all the prompts on the screen
  2. Use the program’s uninstaller

    How to uninstall GS Auto Clicker

    An alternative option to remove the application is to use the built-in file system.

    – Access the application from the “Start” menu

    – Open the program folder and click the uninstaller to initiate the process

    – Follow prompts of the “Uninstaller Wizard”

Do a thorough registry cleanup

You might still have a use for this program later, but if it’s slowing down your computer and causing Windows to crash, a thorough cleanup is in order. Access “Registry Editor” and delete all the files manually. If you still need GS AutoClicker, you can always reinstall it.

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