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How to Do Keyboard Macros GS Auto Clicker in 2 Fast Steps

Shaun M Jooste


GS Auto Clicker is a very convenient application for those who have to do repetitive tasks that include mouse clicks. However, it can be tricky working with the current keyboard macros if you don’t know how.

This article will teach you how to find and change the default hotkey on your program.

  1. Open the application

    How to do keyboard macros GS Auto Clicker

    If you already have the program installed, navigate to the program icon and double click it to open. You’ll see a straightforward interface with only three menu items and two buttons. One of them shows the default hotkey (F8) you can use to initiate the app’s functionality.

  2. Navigate to the Hotkey menu

    How to do keyboard macros GS Auto Clicker

    On the main menu line, choose the “Options” dropdown element, go to “Settings”, and click hotkey. Once you do that, another window will open, prompting you to set your function key. Whatever you choose, it will replace the original F8. After setting it, click OK.

Use the new key during your next loop

The new key will do all the same functions as the original one, so you can use it next time you need to run the saved mouse clicker script. Ensure that the key is free from any other functionality not to confuse the operating system.

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